• Frontline Experience

  • Who We Are

    We are Entrepreneurs who live in this operating mindset.


    We have decades of experience as lean innovation practitioners in the digital B2B and B2C space. Clear priorities and a cadence of goals enabled us to learn fast, remain agile, take action, and iterate when needed. By focusing on the customer and problem, running behavioral experiments, and following the evidence, we moved quickly from ideation to execution and created and delivered new value for our enterprise clients and millions of their customers.


    We have experienced the full breadth of the entrepreneurial hero’s journey of challenges, failures, and our greatest successes.


    This last decade we’ve taken our expertise into different organizations expanding and enriching their most fundamental resource: people.

    Partnering With Us

    Our work has been coaching and mentoring hundreds on becoming entrepreneurial. We’ve helped enterprises learn what it means to eliminate waste and reduce risk while creating new value for their customers that resulted in business impact.


    Executives, Leaders, Coaches, or Teams, every layer of the organization plays a pivotal role and needs to learn to operate differently. We’ve mentored each layer, teaching them how to align priorities and balance, producing near-term results with tackling uncertainty and driving disruptive change for the longer term.


    We’ve been on the front lines. We know it takes more than learning the theory; it takes a different level of mastery. We’ve taught, guided, and mentored organizations to do what they thought was impossible, building teams that operate like entrepreneurs and drive business impact in a short amount of time.


    We learned what works, what challenges or gaps are likely to appear, and how organizations can overcome obstacles to have a continuous growth engine that creates value for customers.


    We have successfully worked with:

    • teams that included Product, HR, Innovation, Business Development, IT, Sales, Marketing, and cross-functional groups
    • culturally diverse global teams operating in different time-zones 
    • companies at various points in their innovation journey


    Career Industries we served: Financial, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Transportation, Insurance, Utilities, Government, Professional Sports, Manufacturing, Hospitality.


    Our work has taken us inside

    • More than thirty Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations
    • International organizations with $40+ billion in revenue with 20,000+ employees
    • Many forward-thinking mid-sized organizations

    Our Guarantee to You

    This work takes a distinct level of skill; we know our strengths and what we can do. We guarantee our work and deliver the results promised. We don’t want the simple stuff or shiny stuff, or innovation theatre. We want to tackle the meaningful and meaty work critical for your organization, once complete drives real impact to the business.

  • Meet Pam Krengel

    "I love doing this work."

    Through my work, lives get transformed. Individuals and teams discover their entrepreneurial superpowers. Innovations brought to market that changes the customer's world for the better.


    As an entrepreneur, startup founder, I built and led a digital firm. My team went from ideation to execution with these digital products and services that delivered value for our Enterprise B2B and B2C clients and millions of their customers. I worked with Fortune 500 companies (Cardinal Health, Ecolab, AES, Conseco, Inc., Eli Lilly & Company).


    To achieve success on critical initiatives with the limited runway, we had become very scientific in our approach. We had to learn fast, reduce risk, eliminate waste, embrace a learning mindset. It led us to achieve the right path to value creation. We understood the customer and the problem to be solved. We ran behavioral experiments and followed the empirical evidence, resulting in us achieving the desired outcomes.


    In 2015 I became an Innovation Transformation Leader for organizations around the globe. I worked closely within all layers of the innovation transformation stack in some of the most remarkable organizations. I was in Fortune 500 Companies, International Organizations at the forefront of their sector, and forward-thinking mid-sized Enterprises.


    I found myself wholly drawn to coaching, mentoring, and guiding others on the methodologies that I had learned and employed to succeed in my digital company. That success game me credibility, attained mastery, and a desire to share my story with others. Since then I've been privileged to work up and down the innovation transformation stack within notable global enterprises to:

    • Guide and mentor leaders at all points of the innovation journey as they build innovative programs.
    • Teach, coach, and mentor hundreds of employees within Enterprises on applying these practices and operate with an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • Coach Teams enabling them to achieve high performance. They were diverse functionally and culturally and at times in different time zones. They built their muscle by doing the work. They became part of the innovation engine that resulted in business impact. 
    • Build in-house capabilities of internal coaches to guide more Entrepreneurial Teams to reach high-performance, make significant progress faster, and drive results. 
    • Spending time within each of the organization's layer gifted me the unique view advantage to gain a deep understanding of what works, what doesn't, the challenges or gaps likely to appear, and how to overcome them.

    My life’s work is about teaching, coaching, and mentoring others. It's about creating transformative learning experiences. Never stop learning and doing.

  • Meet Teresa Leighty

    I am passionate about helping organizations learn to understand and respond to changing customer needs and market conditions. My career has included leadership roles in product development, operations, customer engagement and technology organizations as well as consulting and coaching. In my work I’ve observed companies of all sizes and industries struggle to manage through uncertainty and adapt their products and operations to respond.


    I began my career in management consulting where I worked with a variety of clients helping them to build and transform sales, marketing and operational components of their businesses giving me a solid understanding of what makes businesses tick. I took this grounding into the start-up world and held executive roles in financial services, telecommunications and software companies. In the start-up world, I learned how to build products that addressed real customer needs, leveraging lean, agile and customer-centric practices. All while navigating the high level of ambiguity associated with entrepreneurship.


    It became clear to me that the practices that I learned and applied in an entrepreneurial context could be used in enterprises to help them manage the types of uncertainty that have increasingly become a part of their landscape. So I began consulting and working with mid-market and Fortune 500 companies to teach them how to identify, innovate and drive customer outcomes. I have coached cross-functional teams around the world to learn the skills and mindset needed to iterate through solutions and remove risk by experimenting and making evidence-based decisions. I also believe strongly that teams can’t change a company by themselves so I have prioritized working with leaders from executives to middle managers to teach them how to build ecosystems and cultures that enable innovation.


    I’ve been lucky enough to work with a multitude of companies and hundreds of team members and it doesn’t get old! I love the moments where teams realize the power they have to impact customers and where leaders take great pride from enabling their organizations to work in a new way.